Infrared saunas

Besides our core business outdoor spas / bubble baths, Sunspa is also specialized in saunas. The quality has proven itself.

Part of Sunspa Benelux

Quality Sauna is part of Sunspa Benelux and feels very strong about quality, price and service. Quality Sauna combines the best materials, engineering, professionalism, finishing and the latest technologies into a infrared sauna with a very high quality and value.

Quality Sauna has the best price / quality ratio of infrared saunas throughout Europe! Besides that Quality Sauna has many years’ experience in the field of importing and exporting infrared saunas. Quality Sauna strives to attend customers optimally in their choice of an infrared sauna.

The latest trend in Europe! Infrared radiation

Infrared radiation penetrates into the upper skin layer without heating the skin. The effect is dept warmth, which is absorbed by the body. The blood circulation increases, the blood saturation of the skin becomes better. Blood vessels in the underlying fat tissue absorb depth warmth, and become wider and this way they ensure a better blood saturation of the fat tissue. In short, all kinds of waste matters leave the body.

In a conventional sauna the warmth is transmitted to the skin via air circulation. This demands a very high temperature of 85 to 100 degrees. With infrared sauna the body is warmed up from the inside. A temperature between 40 and 60 degrees is most pleasant. Because infrared saunas heat up the body from inside to outside, a high temperature will not be comfortable. A regular use of the infrared sauna keeps the client fit and healthy. The relaxing session also decreases stress and is an ideal place to relax to the full for a while.

Quality Sauna offers the consumer the perfect opportunity to relax in pure luxury. With a Quality Sauna the consumer chooses for security for many years!

Are you interested in a dealership or becoming a Sunspa / Quality Sauna dealer? Please send us your request and we will contact you to discuss a possible cooperation. You can also contact our head office: Tel. 00 31 (0) 76 522 8311, Mob. 00 31 (0) 6 4203 0436 or via e-mail

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